Application Procedure

Lectures are Held in

Karaköy Minerva Palas

Weekday classes (Wednesday
and Friday), 19:00-21:45

Weekend classes (Saturday),

1) Application Deadline: Applications are made via the online system, before the relevant application deadline:

  • Early Application Deadline:  June 1st Friday, 2018
  • Regular Application Deadline: September 7th Friday, 2018

Applications are accepted only for the coming Fall semester, which starts in September. Participants cannot begin the program in the Spring or Summer semesters.

2) Application Documents: Applicants need to both upload their documents to the online system, and also deliver hard copies of their application package to the Department of Student Resources (in person or via post). The print-out of the completed application form should be added to the application package. The packages sent via mail must arrive at the Student Resources by the application deadline. Applications sent via e-mail will not be accepted.

3) Interviews: The committee reviews the application documents and determines whether each applicant will be invited for the interviewed or rejected. Interviews are conducted face-to-face in the Karaköy building, and take around 30 minutes per applicant. Interview dates:

  • Early Application Interviews:  May 21st Monday and June 7 th Thursday.
  • Regular Application Interviews: September 10/11.

4) Interview results: Based on the application documents and interview performance, the committee determines whether each applicant will be admitted to the program or not. The applicant is informed of the result within a couple of days. 

5) English Exam: Applicants that do not have a valid English Proficiency Exam result can take Sabanci University’s English exam “English Language Assessment Exam (ELAE)”. Applicants with a valid and accepted Exam result need not need to take the ELAE exam. Exam dates:

  • For Early Applications June 11th, 2018.
  • For Regular Applications: September 11th, 2018

6) Approval: Admission to program is finalized after two bureaucratic steps:

  • Approval of the related Graduate School Board of the University.
  • For applicants whose latest degree is from an institution that is not controlled by YÖK (the Turkish Higher Education Council): YÖK approval regarding the equivalence of the last graduated higher institution and the course of study of the applicant.

7) Registration: All admitted applicants need to register to the Program.

  • Registrations will be held on 25-26 September 2018 in Tuzla Campus, at the Student Resources Department.
  • The tuition fee needs to be paid during registration.


Other Notes

  • Graduate Program Entrance Exam (ALES, GRE or GMAT) scores are not required for the ETM program. 
  • Applicants can apply to more than one Sabanci University professional program. To do so, for each program, they need to fill in a separate form in the online system, and deliver a separate package to the Student Resources department.