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Hafta içi dersleri Çarşamba ve Cuma günleri 19:00 - 22:00 saatleri arasında,

Haftasonu (Cumartesi) dersleri 
09:00 - 16:00 saatleri arasında Karaköy Minerva Palas'ta gerçekleşir.

  • ETM 501 Energy, Economy and Politics
    Instructors: Murat Kaya and Ahmet Evin

    Oil, gas, coal, renewable, hydro, nuclear energy and electricity supply chains. Global availability of key energy resources, investment needs, environmental impact, historical use and demand projections. Factors influencing supply, demand and pricing. Basics of physical and financial energy markets. Role of state policies. Global impact of policies adopted by leading producer and consumer countries. Energy security and geopolitics. Case studies on the geopolitical and economic impacts of current political and technological developments.
  • ETM 513 Fundamental Skills in Energy Studies
    Instructors: Umut Ekmekçi

    Key technical terms and concepts in energy. Scientific research and reporting methods; research design. Defining research objective and research questions. Qualitative and quantitative research methods. Analysis of data. Giving references and preventing plagiarism. Learning and experiencing methods for knowledge sharing, collaboration and teamwork. Written and oral presentation of scientific research.
  • ETM 515 Fossil Fuel Technologies
    Instructors: Sezgin Aytuna

  • ETM 517 Renewable Energy Systems
    Instructors: Emre Orhan

    Technical details about renewable energy (wind, solar, hydro, geothermal, biomass/bioenergy, storage). Basic renewable energy equations and calculations based on different energy sources. Fundamentals leading to technical comprehension of how these sources are being used.
  • ETM 521 Power System Essentials: Historical, Engineering and Emerging Aspects
    Instructors: Barış Sanlı

    In this course, the basic power system concepts will be introduced with historical, engineering and technological perspectives and events that shaped them. From AC-DC wars to first transmission lines and early metering systems, the power system we use today has been deeply molded by the historical developments and technological “path dependence”. More complicated engineering concepts for power system operation will be discussed with case studies based on US and European blackouts. The technologies and their capabilities are the enablers and bottlenecks for the power system operation we have today. The course will be based on case studies to smoothen the understanding of the engineering concepts.
  • ETM 502 Environment, Climate Change and Social Cost
    Instructors: Ümit Şahin

    What is anthropocene and how do the human impact on the planet and ecosystems evolve? Science and policy aspects of environmental problems and climate change; post-normal science; ways of consensus in the scientific community; climate change denial campaigns. Basics of climate science and impacts of climate change. Climate policies, mitigation, risk reduction and adaptation. Carbon budget, low-carbon energy transition and decarbonization of the energy systems. International climate politics. Energy efficiency, renewables and transformation of the energy policies in the wake of global climate change. Air pollution, water scarcity and sustainability of the energy systems.
  • ETM 518 Energy and Mobility
    Instructors: Tuğçe Yüksel

    Basics of the transportation technology. Energy and environmental effects of transportation. Low carbon fuels and vehicle technologies with reduced climate impact, and their interaction with energy sources. Smart and integrated mobility solutions and their prospective effects in energy use and security. Current and future transportation policies, their economic, societal and environmental interactions.
  • ETM 509 Project Management in Energy Industry
    Instructors: Ahmet Taşpınar

    Project life cycle and processes, project selection, project financing, project definition, project planning and scheduling, project execution and control, risk and resource planning, managing change through projects, managing Research and Development (R&D) projects, managing new product development (NPD) projects, commercialization of R&D and NPD projects, leadership and organization for project management.
  • ETM 504 Energy Markets
    Instructors: Cengiz Güneş

    Overview and setting common goals: Electricity-focused global renewable energy markets. Fundamentals of renewable energy: Hydro, solar, geothermal, wind and biogas. Dynamics and segmentation structure of the Turkish energy market, purchase guarantees and incentives. Investment: Investment planning, creating production capacity portfolios, selecting and developing projects, load and price forecasts for feasibility, environmental impact assessment, carbon certificates. Project financing: licensing, power systems, field development, overview of grid connection processes and legal framework. Real-world plant operation (group visits to power plants). Making money: Spot electricity markets (balancing and reconciliation center and energy exchanges), electricity wholesale and retail markets in Turkey. Future readiness: key trends, business opportunities and challenges, future scenario planning.
  • ETM 508 Finance of Energy Projects
    Instructors: Özlem Kıldır

    Energy Financing methodologies centered around corporate finance and project finance is the focal point of the course. Up-to-date and international practices of energy financing, based on energy sources, type of projects, energy market structures, financing structures are explained. Risk management, financial structuring, financial product selection and pricing specialized for energy project and market needs are shared. Energy financing cases for both energy production & distribution in conventional & renewable energy from Turkey and abroad are studied, finance models, project risk matrices and project mapping are prepared in case studies. The course provides both profound theoretical knowledge and experience sharing uplifted with case studies and energy finance professionals as guest speakers.
  • ETM 506 Energy Regulations and Law
    Instructors: Cengiz Güneş

    Legal and regulatory foundations of reform in energy markets, particularly electricity. New energy law, regulations and post-privatization legal issues. Market challenges, regulation, liberalization and competition. Turkey and the EU. Fundamentals of reform in Turkish electricity markets.
  • ETM 507 Technology and Innovation Management in Energy
    Instructors: Umut Ekmekçi

    Basic concepts about technology and innovation management. Definition and types of innovation. Phases of innovation process. New social and technological trends about innovation. Methods for innovation management. System approach in innovation management. National Innovation Systems; Actors, Policies, Institutions, Interactions. Sectoral Innovation Systems and Energy Sector. Corporate Innovation Systems; innovation strategy, project portfolio, innovation processes, corporate culture. Success and failure factors for innovation. Collaborations in innovation processes; pre-competition collaboration, university-industry collaborations. Diffusion and commercialization processes of innovation.
  • ETM 514 Entrepreneurship and International Business Development in Energy
    Instructors: Elena Pallota

    Concepts of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, SMEs, creative thinking skills and idea generation. Methods for feasibility analysis, business model generation, business plan writing, team building, creating an entrepreneurial culture in the organizations. Understanding the dynamics and characteristics of major international markets in energy sector. Middle East, Middle Asia, Africa, Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavian countries, US and Canada. The phases of business development in international energy markets.
  • ETM 523 Energy Systems Modeling and Analysis
    Instructors: Murat Kaya

    TIMES Energy System Model of Turkey: Integrated modeling of energy supply, demand, technology and policy aspects. Decision analysis in energy industry: Decision trees, sensitivity analysis, risk modeling, simulation models, multicriteria decision analysis. Forecasting model examples from energy and power industries.
  • ETM 520 Investment and Strategy in Energy Industry
    Instructors: Başak Avcı

    The energy ecosystem. International energy investments, investing firms, current situation and trends. Investment strategies and criteria of firms. Turkey’s strategy for attracting investments and its global competitiveness. Government incentives and support mechanisms.