Tution & Fees

Training Location

The weekday classes(Wednesday - Friday) are conducted between 07:00pm-10:00pm,

The weekend (Saturday) classes are conducted between 09:00am-04:00pm at Karaköy Minerva Palas.

The tuition fee for the 2017-2018 Academic Year is $12.000 (including VAT).


Sabanci University will apply a certain amount of discount for applicants from the same company. The  discount rates are based  on the cumulative number of students sent by the institution to all of the professional master's programs available at Sabancı University within the last three years (including the year of application) and are summarized in the table below:

  Number of participants (cumulative) Discount rate
Number of students sent to all professional programs
within 3 years
1 0%
2 15%
3 20%
4 25%
5+ 30%

Those discount rates that are available for our corporate customers are also applicable to individual participants from the same company. The discount rate for 5+ students sent by the same institution to Energy Technologies and Management Master Program at once will be 35%. Company discounts are determined according to the institution the candidate is employed in at the time of registration.

Discounts applicable to IICEC members  for the Energy Technologies  and Management  Master Program: IICEC co-chairs  will be entitled to 40% discount for the first 3 candidates. IICEC members will be eligible for 40% for the first candidate only, and a cumulative rate will be applied for 4 candidates and more.

Early registration discount

Those candidates admitted to the program in the early application period are eligible for an early registration discount of additional 5% if they register during this period. A deductible registration fee of 2000 TL is due for the early registration. 

Payment conditions

Students  may pay their tuition fee in full in the beginning of  the semester  or opt  for paying in installments. In cooperation with Akbank, Sabanci University provides a tuition fee installment plan to facilitate the payments. This installment is only valid for tuition fee payments but does not cover the students who benefit from discount from the same company and whose tuition fees are paid by their companies