Reasons to Choose the Energy Technologies and Management Graduate Program

Training Location

The weekday classes(Wednesday - Friday) are conducted between 07:00pm-10:00pm,

The weekend (Saturday) classes are conducted between 09:00am-04:00pm at Karaköy Minerva Palas.

The curriculum of ETM was developed to meet the human resources and competence needs of the industry and as a result of a process actively led by industry representatives through their recommendations.

The objectives of the program are to equip participants with the skills to:

  • Make a comparative analysis of the specifications, strengths and weaknesses of conventional and renewable energy systems,
  • Create energy portfolios for companies by making investment decisions that consider technical, economic and social factors,
  • Prepare feasibility analyses for energy projects prior to investment decisions,
  • Apply scientific decision-making techniques,
  • Analyze factors that affect energy supply and security,
  • Acquire up-to-date information on regulatory issues, national and international policies, incentives and subsidies in the energy business,
  • Analyze the dynamics, key actors, future trends and national and international policies in energy,
  • Learn about electricity distribution and the workings of the market,
  • Lead risk management, project management and stakeholder communication processes for investment decisions,
  • Specialize on subjects such as technology, innovationand R&D process management, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship,
  • Learn about business development processes in international energy markets, analyze the dynamics and characteristics of these markets,
  • Gain knowledge on climate change, the environmental impact and social cost of energy, and carbon economy to facilitate correct decisions in investment processes.
ETM is a platform for "learning together" where executives and future executives from different disciplines, sectors and levels of experience share complementary knowledge and insight. Participants are carefully chosen with consideration for their contributions to each other and the program. All participants are particularly encouraged and expected to take active part in and contribute to this network of knowledge and cooperation during and after their studies.