Program Structure

Training Location

The weekday classes(Wednesday - Friday) are conducted between 07:00pm-10:00pm,

The weekend (Saturday) classes are conducted between 09:00am-04:00pm at Karaköy Minerva Palas.


Energy Technologies and Management is a non-thesis, 12-month program consisting of three semesters (Fall, Spring and Summer) of 4 weeks each. Courses begin in September and are completed in September of the following year.

6 hours of courses are scheduled during the week, and 6 hours on the weekend.

The program consists of 10 modules (30 credits) and a non-credit graduation project course

Courses are designed as “modular”. The difference from a conventional course is that modules focus on a specific subject for a short period of time, and are delivered by multiple subject matter experts rather than one lecturer. Each module is completed in 7 weeks and 42 hours of courses (6 hours per week). The module coordinator is responsible for designing and planning the module, and module courses are given by different lecturers.

Lecturers include Sabancı University faculty members, visiting faculty from other universities, and professionals experienced in the energy business.

6 of the 10 modules are "compulsory" because they are designed to equip participants of the program with fundamental knowledge of the technical, management and social aspects of the energy industry. Starting by the second half of the spring semester, students are offered 4 elective modules for specializing on technical/engineering or management aspects.

All courses are delivered in English.

Course content and teaching approaches were tailored for an audience of professional learners.